I have always loved Japanese prints. I didn’t study them much in my Art History classes, and yet they are probably the most intriguing to me. I found this print among many others on ArtStor and loved the creepy skeleton element that I had never seen in this style of print before.

When deciding on making changes to the piece itself, I ruled out deleting the skeleton figure entirely–it would take away too much from the piece leaving it without a narrative to go off of. Instead, I took him out and then added him back in a few layers–making him larger and adding a slight motion blur to make him ghostly.



Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers

This week, with we had to create a piece using multiple layers, and being a photo major–that isn’t too terribly difficult. I love photoshop even though graphic design and collage isn’t my thing. I was inspired by paintings of the Madonna–or Virgin–and Baby Jesus. It’s fascinating how many similar paintings were created of her–gold leaf and saints galore!

I decided to put the paintings on a wall as if they were hung in a gallery. Rather than leaving them completely horizontal I chose to create a sort of star shaping–giving the viewer a glance of the Virgin at different angles.


Modern Recreations

After losing my first sketch of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, I had to get back to the drawing board and create a new one from scratch. Considering I lost it in the midst of all the files on my computer–I felt like the universe was giving me a hint. I wasn’t so proud of that one anyway.

Looking through ArtStor, I discovered Raphael’s The Three Graces, and instantly chose that one. I figured I could give this sketch some humor too unlike the last one. Rather than leaving them nude, I decided to give them each a bathing suit and replace the apples with beach balls. The background was perfect so I didn’t have to replace that at all considering they were already by a body of water!



As an Artist


The Apple of Her Eye

When asked to describe myself and my work, often times I’m stumped on where to start. When did art become a key part of my life? When did I decide to make it my career? Over a year ago I would have never thought that I would be where I am today–studying art in one of the greatest cities in the country over a thousand miles from home. It’s been an amazing opportunity, and I am so blessed to be here.

While many artists here work in a variety of different mediums, I am mainly a photographer and work with simply my camera and photoshop. I focus on portraiture and creating narratives–putting meaning and context behind something that could be very simple. I am excited to expand my ideas this year and give substance to the impossible.

Fire4 Fate1edit Queen1

Let it Burn, When Fate is Blind, Ravenna

Sleep1 We are

Sleeping to Dream, You Were the Leaves